Month: July 2021

Technology, Art and Finance

Article TECHNOLOGY, ART AND FINANCE The value of the ephemeral, the WEB, the networks and the artist's fame On Wednesday 13 January 1563, Duke Cosimo de Medici signed with all the solemnity required the 147 articles that constitute the statutes of the Accademia del Disegno. A few days later, in the presence of seventy artists, the [...]
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Artificial Intelligence in questions: the EuropIA Institute's book

Book ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN QUESTIONS: THE EUROPIA INSTITUTE'S BOOK The EuropIA Institute in all its conferences, articles or seminars highlights the need to question AI, its benefits, its usefulness and also makes its voice heard where dangerous drifts could be observed. We are convinced that having a [...]
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Conspiracy in the age of "Deepfakes

Deepfakes is a term that is beginning to invade our daily lives and will continue to grow to the point of becoming a major security issue. A cross between the 'deep' of deeplearning and the 'fake' of fakenews, deepfakes exploit artificial intelligence methods based on the use of a 'false' or 'misleading' [...].
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